Sponsored Coach/Athlete - Gio Ludovico

Gio Ludovico

San Mateo, California 



My name is Gio Ludovico. I am a 20yr old college student, powerlifting coach, as well as a Junior Elite level powerlifter that has been competing for about 3 years. I began my fitness journey at 15 years old as a baseball player and transitioned into powerlifting at 17 years old. My fitness goals are to hit highly competitive numbers all while developing my physical and mental health. I strive to be the best and strongest version of myself while helping others achieve their goals in the process.

Q and A 

What inspires you?

My inspiration in fitness comes from my father, Mike Ludovico. He grew up playing sports, later transitioning into powerlifting, going on to set multiple Drug Free world records in the 220lbs/100kg weight class, with his biggest bench being 578lbs in competition. He pushes me everyday to be the best version of myself by giving me all of his knowledge, experience, and support along my journey.

Favorite body part to train: 

My favorite body to train is between chest and back. I love bench press, as it runs in my blood, but its hard to beat a huge back pump!

Best advice to give someone on their fitness journey: 

My best advice in fitness has stayed the same since the beginning. Get started as soon as you can. Fitness can mean very different things to many different people, but at the end of the day we are all working towards the same goal of being a better version of ourselves. Starting early and absorbing as much information as you can will give you a leg up against not only the competition, but yourself as well.

What does 'Level Up' mean to you?

Level Up to me is the embodiment of being the best version of yourself. Waking up every day to better yourself in any way possible, not leaving a single second of your day to waste, pushing closer to whatever your personal goals may be. Rome wasn’t build in a day, so as long as you are making some form of progress in one facet or another, you are achieving a higher level.

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