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IFBB Pro Myron Griffin

Fairfield, CA



Born in San Francisco, Ca lived there a few years. Then spent some time in Southern California. Eventually ended up in Fairfield, California. My Dad served in the Air Force so he was stationed at Travis Air Force base. Been here ever since.

(Fun things people should know)

I’m some what a reserved person if I’m around a crowd, I don’t know. But if you know me I’m really goofy, like to pretend I’m funny by telling Dad jokes, and overall like to lift people’s spirits. Love Marvel and Star Wars stuff, surprising I know. I have a nerd side in there somewhere.

Fitness journey:

My Dad was huge into bodybuilding when I was growing up and still ‘til this day. So needless to say I’ve always been around the gym and bodybuilding all my life. I started working out the “dude” muscles in my early teens! All chest and arms. It’s wasn’t until my early 20’s when I realized this thing called “symmetry” so I started actually working out my full body seriously. I’ve always had a passion for anything fitness or sports related. I play city league sports growing up. Football and basketball. I did martial arts for many years receiving my black belt in “Kuk Sool Won.” I guess you can say that all played a part in becoming a Men’s Physique IFBB PRO. My very first competition in August of 2019 I took overall at the NPC Golden States show In Sacramento, California. My coach was confident enough in me to follow through with a national show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known as the North Americans. The show was in the same week in fact 6 days later from stepping on stage for the first time in my life. I placed 1st in both Open and Masters in my class earning me my PRO CARD. That’s where my Instagram handle 6DayPro came from. But, realistically it wasn’t 6 days in was my entire life banging weights in the gym that got me there. The overall goal is to touch the “Olympia Stage” and get paid doing what I absolutely love doing.


My family is my inspiration. Everything I do is for them. For a better life for them. I also get inspired when I see someone who shares the same passion for fitness. I love to see fitness gurus truly helping people reach their goals. Steering them in the right direction instead of just earning a buck. Overall, I’m inspired to be great!

Favorite Body Part to Train:

My favorite body part to train has definitely got to be legs! Even though it’s the most challenging, to me big strong legs has the greatest rewards. I’m always trying to gain knowledge and learn new tricks and there’s so many leg variations. “Big wheels” or nothing for me!

Best Advice:

The best advice I can give someone is, know your own strengths and weaknesses. Who cares about what the next person looks like. Work your own magic. Fitness and training is not easy or everyone would do it. Set a goal, then set another goal after you crush the previous one. Nothing worth having comes easy. The great thing about fitness, is that many quotes for fitness translates to life as well. You can get up and get after it or sit there idling watching opportunities pass you by!

Level Up:

I love that “level up!” To mean it speaks volumes. Leveling up is the game we play in life. We’re always trying to get to that next level right? Level up to your next personal record, level up to become a pro, level up to just beat the numbers you had last week. It’s literally all relevant. We all want to level up. There’s no game over for anyone reading this. We’re all striving for greatness. Let’s get to that next level!

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