Sponsored Coach/Athlete - IFBB Pro Alex Fong

IFBB Pro Alexander Fong

Reno/Las Vegas, NV 



Alexander Fong. Based out of Reno & Las Vegas , Nevada. I am IFBB pro, and personal trainer. I enjoy exploring and yoga. My fitness goals are to improve my physique and step on stage again in 2022.

What inspires you?

Connection with people. Inspiring people to pursue their highest level of health and fitness!

Favorite body part to train:

Back and Triceps

Best advice to give someone on their fitness journey:

Find what works best for you! Don’t be afraid to change and learn from your failures.

What does Level Up mean to you?

Community and support. Knowing I am connected to a fitness community, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Also having amazing quality to support a healthy and fitness lifestyle!

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