Sponsored Athlete - IFBB Pro Mike Conol

IFBB Pro Mike Conol

San Mateo, California 



Bodybuilder | Powerlifter | Coach


A MULTIPOTENTIALITE; I dabble in a lot of things but currently focused more on photography and videography(aside from bodybuilding).

I love riding my motorcycle. I use to have a total of 17 pets. 7 dogs (4 were rescues), 8 snakes (3 boas 2 ball pythons), and 1 king scorpion. But now, I only have 5 dogs, 2 maine coon cats and 1 ball python.

What inspires you?

Man, my wife inspires me. I can go on and on how she makes me a better person everyday. But I’m not about to write a long essay, lol.

Ask me in person; I love talking about her, lol.

Favorite body part to train:

Legs and Back! Ironically, these were the two I use to never train.

Best advice to give someone on their fitness journey:

Take it one day at a time - it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And build a winning habit and a healthy mindset - you’re not going to be 100% motivated each day so you can’t rely on that alone.

What does Level Up mean to you?

Level up to me means being 1 percent better each day. It’s this accumulated effort and pressure you apply daily that’s going to allow you to level up. Forever chasing your true potential - and honestly, it’s up to you how far you want to level up.

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