Sponsored Athlete - Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis

San Diego, California 



My name is Kelly Lewis and I live in sunny San Diego, California! By trade, I am a Registered Nurse in the post-anesthesia care unit, but have found immense passion in today’s fitness community.

Q and A

What is your fitness goal?

Body building struck my interest nearly 10 years ago and while it was fun and games at that time, it has more recently become an interest I now approach with more hunger, structure and goals. In 2020, I set out for my first bikini competition season, and what a ride that was. Through a pandemic and many unknowns, I prevailed and successfully competed in two regional shows and one national level show. The beauty of body building and any fitness journey is that there are and will always be room for improvements!

What inspires you?

I am inspired by so many others! Others who choose not to settle, those who choose to better themselves every day, and pick the uncomfortable path at times because they know the payout is far greater. Everyone has a story to tell and I find each one so uniquely inspiring, it keeps my fire lit each day! 

Favorite body part to train: 

My favorite body part to train is shoulders! Because we all want boulder shoulders and let’s be honest, a solid set of shoulders on a woman is a striking and desirable trait. 

Best advice to give someone on their fitness journey:

My favorite meal to indulge in occasionally is pizza. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of growing up with family pizza nights or perhaps that you can switch up the toppings for your particular cravings. And yes, pineapple does belong on pizza. 

What is your favorite cheat meal?

My best advice I can offer to anyone on their fitness journey is to refrain from comparing yourself to others, and remember to focus inward on yourself. Feeling discouraged? Look at pictures from the past and never forget how far you’ve come. 

What does 'Level Up' mean to you?

Leveling Up means so much to me. It’s a reminder that every day is a gift and to not let it go to waste. That even when times feel rough or we feel defeated, we must Level Up. And most importantly, that we show up with our best selves each day, so we can look back and feel proud of our work.

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